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Proper Posture

Core Essentials Pilates Studio

Proper Posture

* Keep in mind that shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, & feet need to be inline with each other.*


Start with feet under hips.

Toes pointing straight forward. ( TRIANGLE : The heel is the top 

  point, the small toe   is a bottom point, and the big toe is the

¬† other bottom point. If cut in ¬Ĺ it should be equal.¬†¬† Keep heels

  underneath hips & pivot toes accordingly.)

Keep even pressure on both feet.

Slightly more pressure towards toes but, not too much to make

  your upper body lean forward.


DO NOT LOCK KNEES (This will cause stress on the joints)

Soft knees with a slight bounce.


Hips should be square & parallel with the floor


Pelvis should NOT tilt forward or backwards

Pelvis should be stabilized in neutral  (Point Pubic Bone & Sitz

  bones toward the ground)


Ribs should NOT come down onto hips ( no slouching )

Ribs should hover over hips with space in between them.


Shoulders should be parallel with the floor.

Shoulder Blades should be stabilized within their pockets. ( If

  out of the pockets they are up to the ears or rolled forward

  which is not correct)

  (Slide Shoulder Blades down into pockets, slightly pinch  

  & stabilize)


Head should be well balanced on top of spine.

Chin should be parallel to the floor.

Top of head should be parallel with the ceiling.

Ears should be in line with the shoulders.


Spine is connected to the head, shoulders, ribs, hips, & pelvic.

The spine should reach straight up to the ceiling.

Each vertebrae should be stacked one on top of the other while

  keeping the natural curve of the spine.