Thai Yoga Bodywork

A complete Thai Yoga Bodywork session incorporates a traditional combination of point pressure, energy meridian work, and yoga-like stretching for an energizing and balancing experience.

Thai Yoga Bodywork benefits those who find themselves stiff, sore, and tired from over-exertion in work or sports, or from arthritis or other debilitating diseases.  It enhances strength and flexibility, relaxes sore or tense muscles, and can help to recapture lost range of motion.  By encouraging lymphatic function, this traditional massage can also help to detoxify the body, heighten the immune system, and prevent disease and/or injury.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is great for stress relief and eliminating tension, within the body and mind, helping one to feel completely relaxed.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is different from other forms of massage in that you remain fully clothed throughout the massage and there is no oil used. The massage is done on a comfortable mat on the floor and lasts approximately 90 minutes.

By appointment only

“If you are looking for a relaxing yet fulfilling experience try Thai Massage at Core Essentials!¬† It’s not your typical, kneading muscle massage.¬† Instead, you’ll receive 90 minutes of controlled stretches of every limb and joint, pressure point massage, and yoga position stretches all in a calm environment.¬† Jeff creates a peaceful and comforting atmosphere and uses his training and calm personality to help you relax and feel limber.¬† The only bad part is having to get up and drive home because you feel like melted butter by the end!¬† Try it today and give your body and mind a chance to relax!‚Ä̬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Colleen M.