Core Essentials Yoga is no longer offering yoga classes

Practice Yoga once a week and you’ll relieve stress.

Practice twice a week you’ll start to notice the benefits.

Practice every day and you’ll discover that anything is possible.

Come try a class with us today and discover the infinite possibilities life has to offer.

Change your routine, Change your life!

At Core Essentials we believe that Yoga is for Every Body. We offer a variety of classes, from gentle to power, to meet the needs of every individual. Come visit our studio today and see how Yoga can help you experience profound spiritual and physical changes in your life.

The essence of yoga is not about external display but internal cultivation.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar

Benefits of Yoga

~ Improved Breathing ~
~ Increased Strength & Flexibility ~
~ Greater Self Awareness ~
~ Stress Reduction ~
~ Mental Clarity ~
~ Pain Prevention ~
~ Detoxification ~
~ Creates Inner Peace ~
and many more…